Jim Albrecht

by Ellen C.Warren, photograph by Kurt Johnson If Riverwest ever starts its own historical society, they may find Jim Albrecht’s memory to be their greatest asset. Talking with him is like taking several giant steps back into a time when life was simpler, but brimming over. The streets of his youth were lined with flourishing […]

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Review: RNA Web Site and Notice Boards

by America Masaros I recently stopped by the new Riverwest Neighborhood Association web site (at http://www.riverwestneighborhood.org/). This is an excellent neighborhood resource, offering free local classified ads, local news in real time, and tools to communicate with your neighbors. If you haven’t been by, check it out! When I first visited the page, I was […]

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Fifth Annual Umali Awards Roundup: Sarah Buccheri wins most DIWITTYs

story by Jason Hart, photo by Renato Umali The Jody Monroe gallery was packed with people wearing suits and dresses, anticipation was high, and the conversation buzzed with speculation as the fifth annual Umali awards began July 22 on Center Street in Riverwest. Renato Umali, a Milwaukee-based artist, musician, and self-described obsessivecompulsive record keeper, started […]

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Community Partner: Leigh Englebert

photo & story by Emily DeLeo Crime seems to be in the headlinesnearly every day, leaving many peoplewondering what they can do. There areactually manythings that anindividual,neighbors on ablock or peoplein a communitycan do to helpimprove localsafety. Anindividual cansimply keepthe porch lighton, look outfor neighborsand get moreinvolved.Considerstarting ablock club orwalk the neighborhood with a friend […]

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