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Jeremy Berg and friends hit the taverns.

The Mighty Quarter

Well folks, winter is well and truly here, and if it was any other month I’d play it smart, only emerging from my cave to hunt woolly mammoths when supplies ran low. But this February The Barhopper becomes an old, old man of twenty-five, so it’s time to go hoist a few. …at Dino’s and […]

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New Year, Same Bad Habits

That’s right, it’s a whole new year and all that, and what do we have here for you at The Barhopper? Another column full of hazy recollections about what some guy wrote on the bathroom wall. Yeah, we wouldn’t have it any other way either. This month: The Uptowner and Hop Back Inn

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The Barhopper

This was going to be the Barhopper year-end special, but then I had too much to drink, so this is what you get. ‘Course, this being only the third column was a factor as well. NESSUN DORMA and THE PUB…

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Pushing the Boundaries

Who was it who said that November was a month for adventure? Probably nobody. Nonetheless, we here at Barhopper central charted a course for the outer extremities of Riverwest, going all the way out to Holton, and, oh, maybe just a smidge over the river, in an effort to diversify the Barhopping experience, and to […]

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