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MILWAUKEE GO BRÁCH! By Deborah DeVane Ah Milwaukee…home of beer and brats and all things… Irish. Irish? Ok, that was a bit of a surprise. Normally, people associate Milwaukee with its amazing German and Polish heritage. But after doing a little research, I found that one of the first immigrant groups to discover this wonderful […]

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Neighbor Spotlight: Kim Kosmitis

by Lee Gutowski KIm Kosmitis, Riverwest Outdoors  Technical glitches and computer frustration caused some extra work for our featured neighbor, Kim Kosmitis, and I in making this article a reality. Kim, the founder and executive director of Riverwest Outdoor Educational Adventures (FB @riverwestoutdoors; website, cracked me up when he called the computer and phone stuff […]

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TANNENBAUM ARMS -chapter 5, January 1970

A story in serial format by: Darlene Wesenberg Rzezotarski January: Wherein the caretakers of the English basement apartment successfully finish off the semester at UWM, but face ongoing challenges with caretaking, parenting and academics. Jay shares a true Pandora’s Box story from his Ottawa heritage. Frank visits in the night. Jay sells blood. The sea […]

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