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For this year’s Christmas season, the Riverwest Artists Association has sponsored a series of window installations on Center Street. These diverse and quirky windows span the length of the street from Holton to Humboldt….

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Riverwest Artists’ Association

Many of the recent articles in the Currents have focused in one way or the other on aspects of change, not only in Riverwest but in the larger world community. Gentrification, the break down of families, urban planning, crime — these are just a few of the many topics we report on that fall under the general category of the changing nature of the world around us.

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Owning Your Own Gallery

“It’s really hard to run a gallery in Riverwest. And just when you realize that it’s hard, it gets a lot harder.” -Marnie Elbaum

“One important factor which could contribute to a gallery’s success

is to own your own building” -Brad Blaeser

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On October 5 and 6, the Riverwest Artists Association (RAA) will host its annual signature event, Artwalk. The long history of this event has the usual ups and downs that often mark the efforts of organizations staffed solely by volunteers.