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Introducing the Riverwest Currents

Riverwest Currents has been published as a neighborhood newsletter over the past three years. It was started by Vince Bushell, a community planner, and Jeanne Geraci, a community organizer for the YMCA. Now in monthly newspaper form, Riverwest Currents is supported by a grant from H.O.M.E. (Housing Opportunities Made Equal). Part of our mission is […]

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Programs Can Assist First-Time Homebuyers

by Vince Bushell I asked Riverwest residents in 1999 what they liked about living here. The most common answers: the neighborhood is affordable, diverse, and it offers a city life-style. They also wanted to keep it that way. One way to help stabilize the housing market is to increase the number of homeowners, especially those […]

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Kilbourn/Reservoir Park: A Brief History

by Donna Schlieman In May of 1998 I submitted a document to Milwaukee’s Historic reservation commission nominating Kilbourn/Reservoir Park as an historic site. It is known by its appearance to the public — it sets up 40 feet in the air and is covered with earth, grass, and trees. North Avenue curves sharply around the […]

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Diversity at Work Through Education and Music

Diversity! If there is one word that describes Riverwest, diversity would be it. All a person has to do is spend an observant afternoon in the neighborhood to notice the differences in musical tastes, speech, socio-economic background, race, religion, philosophies, etc. This diversity is what draws many, if not most, of our neighbors to live and stay here. A person is free to exist as the person they wish to be.