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Greer Oaks Gallery

Walking into Calvin Greer’s spacious Victorian home, you encounter two of his most highly valued African Art pieces on exhibit: a Benin (Nigeria locale) Oba bronze and a Bamun (Cameroon) fertility figure. The restored Victorian dwelling at 2463 N. Palmer St. is more than a home for people. The Greer Oaks Art Gallery is home to artifacts from multiple art traditions.

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For those who ain’t heard by now, Element’s solo song, “Show and Prove” is featured on the sound track of rapper LL Cool J’s major motion picture, Deliver Us from Eva. Her soul-deep vocals and innovative style make her a crucial force on her own as well as an essential member of the dynamic musical poetry group, Black Elephant.

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The Insurrection Landscapers: Puppets, Tragedy and Great Music – Just Another Night in Riverwest

by Janice Christensen

“This means war!” shouts the all-powerful and slightly incoherent King of the Free and Secure Citizens of the Kingdom of THIS. “…and That is That!” shouts the equally all-powerful King of the Free and Secure Citizens of the Kingdom of THAT. The fact that the Kings are only 18 inches tall and performing on a stage made of cardboard boxes and duct tape does not prevent them from exhibiting the sophisticated thinking of contemporary world leaders.

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Barnstorm 2003

by Eryn Moris

More than 200 connoisseurs of culture from ages six to 60 crowded one of Riverwest’s more unique converted living spaces for Barnstorm 2003, on Friday, Feb. 15. The event was organized by former MIAD students Anne Bisone and Gina Kelly in conjunction with Nick Frisby, a resident of “The Barn,” a renovated rental property at 2630 N. Humboldt Blvd. The historic building is a remnant from a time when Riverwest was just farmland west of the river.

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Desperate Measures String Band

by Sonya Jongsma Knauss

It’s not often you find a band with two centuries-worth of experience, but the Desperate Measures String Band is just that experienced. Not to mention the fact that its members could treat your child’s illness, manage your portfolio, suspend your child from elementary school, file a lawsuit for you, or do whatever it is that employees of the Department of the Interior do.