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‘Home Gr/Own’ Project

City Plans to Make ‘Lemonade’ With ‘Home Gr/Own’ Project by Peggy Schulz Collaborate:  To work or labor with.  Innovate:  To make new. Lemonade:  A positive product or result arising out of the manipulation of negative or “sour” circumstances. The City of Milwaukee’s “Home Gr/Own” proposal was named one of 20 finalists in the Bloomberg Challenge early last month.  In essence, […]

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Crime In Riverwest – Up?

In response to a growing concern that crime in Riverwest is escalating as of late, the Riverwest Currents spoke with Lieutenant Cliff Harrison, who is in command at District 5 during Captain Gordon’s brief absence. Police statistics tell us that burglaries in Riverwest are down 50% from last year. The last few weeks have shown […]

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