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Riverwest: An Abundant Community

by Peggy Schulz There’s a feeling in the air, and it has nothing to with meteorology. It might fall under the wide category of sociology or even anthropology. It’s a sense of empowerment and a willingness to fight the status quo. It’s a true reflection of the word “community,” which means, literally, “with union.”

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Holiday Events and Shops

RIVERWEST SHOPS Take the occupy challenge! Make like Santa and fill your pack with books, art, coffee, sugarplums, toys, and baubles from every shop! Reindeer on bicycle sleighs are standing by to carry all your packages. Beginning Dreams Forever  Black Sheep Studio  Bliffert’s Hardware  Burke Candy  Burleigh Glass Clarke Foods Dominion Gallery Fischberger’s Variety Store Jazz Art Gallery  Jewel of

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