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Flora Coker

Photo by Rebecca Vinz Flora Coker was a founding member of Theater X. For 35 years she kept company with the likes of actors John Schneider, Willem Dafoe, Deborah Clifton, Victor DeLorenzo, John Kishline, Marcy Hoffman and Rick Graham. She has played in nearly 200 productions over the course of her acting career, but Coker […]

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Green Gallery

ART At Large by Melanie Hupfer • Going Green: Green Gallery East Opens on Farwell Amidst the streetlight, headlight, and neon light interrupted darkness of the 1500 block of North Farwell Avenue, the bright white Green Gallery East casts an enticing glow.

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An Anonymous World

 The employees of a grocery store have a problem. Their everyday, a n o n y m o u s lives are being disturbed by a series of creepy, s o m e w h a t t h r e a t e n i n g letters that keep showing up, signed “Anon.”

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Further Down Stream March 2009

 NORTHERN LIGHTS – Local musician and producer Paul Setser recently collaborated with Currents publisher Vince Bushell and two UWM students, Ulrike Galasinski and Angel Howman, to produce “Northern Lights,” a halfhour science fiction radio play written in the late 1940s. In addition to directing the talent, adding sound effects, and editing the audio, Setser also […]

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What Happens at the Follies stays at the Follies. Riverwest. It’s a place like no other, ain’a? Where else in the world could youbegin your Saturday family adventure with Mass and end up at the Art Barwith the Squeezettes and some of the funniest polka dancers on the planet? And in between you can watch […]

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