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Summer of Peace

Celebrate the “Summer of Peace”

Summer of Peace is a youth-led initiative to promote community unity and nonviolence. The highly anticipated 6th Annual Summer of Peace Citywide Youth Rally and Peace Summit on August 8 will bring together youth and community leaders for a daylong event.

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Our Treasures, Our Jewels, Our Women

On Saturday August 9 at the Midwest Express Center the Milwaukee Community Journal will honor about 50 Milwaukee African-American women. Tickets for the Gala, which includes a dinner and silent auction, are $85.00 each. They can be purchased at the Milwaukee Community Journal, located at 3612 N. Martin Luther King Drive.

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GreenFolks Notes

by Sarah Moore

The GreenFolks Garden currently has only one milkweed plant growing, but it is well watched and cared for, as milkweed is the host plant for Monarch butterflies.
My family has a nice stand of milkweed next to our house. My son recently picked some leaves that had the tiny butterfly eggs on them. We have been enjoying watching the caterpillars grow and change into chrysalises.