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by Kelly Voss, illustration by Kevin Rux On a cold gray January day in 2004, Ray Dworczyk walked into my bookstore and left behind two blue plastic bags filled with books…the point being he wanted me to purchase them. He visited me daily for a week, long enough for me to find out he’s known […]

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Old School

by Sarah Mankowski Fred Stonehouse is the personification of old school — literally. After recently purchasing the former St. Augustin school building, he set up his studio in one of its huge classrooms. He has created an interesting melange — massive paintings depicting weeping black heads attached to snake-like bodies abutting blackboards and eye wash […]

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First Person:Getting GAMP

by Ellen Warren I went to apply for GAMP this morning. That’s the General Assistance Medical Program. It’s for people like me with low incomes and no health insurance. Going through the procedure of applying for acceptance to the program is an inside view into what it’s like to live in a Third World country.

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