Archive | December, 2004

New Players in Historic East Village Controversy

The ongoing controversy surrounding the Conservation District began a new chapter on Nov. 9, with the election of a new slate of At-Large Board Members of the East Village Association. Newly elected members include Mark Behar, Bernard Bondar, Brian Delfosse, Ginger Duiven and Norbert Young.

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Chronology of the East Village Conservation District

Editor’s Note: In the interest of preserving a record of the history of the East Village Association (EVA) Conservation District, Riverwest Currents offers this abbreviated version of the chronology offered at the Plan Commission public hearing, Nov. 8, 2004. March 16, 2000 – EVA Meeting Under Issues and Concerns in 2000, the EVA discussed efforts […]

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The Bully Boycott

by Tea Krulos Mark Belling is a bully, and like all bullies, he is afraid of and displeased with something within himself. I don’t believe in karma exactly, but when you throw as many stones as Belling, they’re bound to return to you in the form of an avalanche.

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Beer Line Trail to Run through Riverwest

article / photo by Vince Bushell The Beer Line rail corridor is shaping up to be an open space resource and multiuse trail for the Riverwest neighborhood. It is expected that the section along the river running south from Gordon Park will become a paved hiking and biking trail with construction beginning in 2005. The […]

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