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For this year’s Christmas season, the Riverwest Artists Association has sponsored a series of window installations on Center Street. These diverse and quirky windows span the length of the street from Holton to Humboldt….

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Pueblo Foods Fights Disqualification from Food Stamp Program

“I fell back in my chair and I just about died.” Liduina “Nina” Estremera shook her head when she described her reaction to opening a letter in early October from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) ordering her to stop accepting food stamps from customers at her store, Pueblo Foods, 2029 N. Holton St. […]

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January 2003

RIVERWURST COMICS !! – News from the 2900 N. Booth Block Club – Milwaukee Urban Gardens and Garden Park – Patchwork Quilts – VA troubles – Gordon Park ranked #6 out of 52 county parks – Micky Shanahan dies

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This is the Place

A new year is a good time to take stock of what’s good and what’s bad in your life. For many people, one thing that’s good is this place we’re all in together. It’s where we live. It’s our neighborhood. So we’re devoting some space this issue to reflecting on the past year — in […]

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