Archive | October 2002

Kilbourn Park Update: Regrading to Begin

by Vince Bushell On Wednesday evening, September 18, a dozen people met at COA on North Avenue to discuss the plans for the makeover and maintenance of Kilbourn Park from North Avenue down to Commerce Street. The reconfiguration of the slope with trail additions was presented earlier this year to the public. City representatives expect […]

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Controversial Gas Station Plans Meet Resistance at City Hall

by Tess Reiss and Jan Christensen Mixed Reaction from Neighborhood There may be a change in store for the gas station at the corner of Holton and Burleigh. Plans for the reconstruction of the building were presented to the neighborhood at a meeting held Thursday, Sept. 12, at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library. The […]

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Riverwest Program Helps Preschool Youngsters Do Well in School

by Tom Schneider, COA Executive Director What is the single most important thing affecting how children do in school? Study after study says parent involvement. Giving parents the tools, experience, and help they need to become involved in their preschool youngsters’ education is what a free Riverwest program is all about. The program, called HIPPY […]

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Some Practical Advice for Gallery Operators in Riverwest

by Mark Lawson Many galleries have come and gone in Riverwest, each with a unique approach to the business. However, there are enough common threads that some practical advice emerges which any prospective gallery operator should consider before starting a new business. You are not going to make it on walk-in retail sales alone in […]

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