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EDITORIAL- Thank You Interns & Volunteers

by Vince Bushell This issue’s lead story is on a summer youth employment program in our neighborhood. We all learn from the experience of having students and young adults working with us. Some are paid and many, young and old, volunteer their time and skills. The photos below show some volunteers planting trees this spring, […]

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‘Working Together; Achieving More’ Public Input Needed for MPS Strategic Planning Initiative

by Suzanne Zipperer Good communities create good schools. Investment of both time and tax dollars in public education indicates a community’s value for an educated young citizenry, as well as the faith it has in its own future. Over the past year, the Greater Milwaukee Committee (GMC), an organization of Milwaukee’s business, academic, civic, and […]

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To the Riverwest Currents: I live in Riverwest. When I first moved into the neighborhood, I had reservations because of safety, crime and high insurance rates… A beautiful flat, responsible landlord and “Old Milwaukee Charm” won me over. Riverwest is a diamond in the rough, or should I say in renovation. It’s a hidden treasure […]

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