Garbage In, Garbage Out

by Janice Christensen Some thoughts on Thanksgiving, our national Food Holiday. It’s not rocket science. Eat good food, and you’ll be healthy. Of course, the devil, as they say, is in the definitions. What is good food? What does the word “healthy” mean? Here’s what I think. Good food has more to do with what […]

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Review: Willy Porter / Available Light

by Jeremy Berg How best to describe Milwaukee’s own Willy Porter? Well, put it this way: There are a lot of guys out there with acoustic guitars, but most of them aren’t buddies with Jethro Tull. Yes, Porter is well known as a singersongwriter – and deservedly so – but that’s too narrow a label […]

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Miramar Open Mic Host Has Underground Life

by Jean Scherwenka Folk singer and guitarist Sandy Weisto and her three-woman band Sweet Diversity released their second CD, “They Get That Way Underground,” on October 14. Band members Weisto, Carrie Sanders, and Ann Elizabeth- Nagel are known for their acappella singing, as well as their guitar, piano, and percussion. The new release, their second […]

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