Ask the Ecologist:

by Belle Bergner Q: How did the recent election results affect the prognosis for environmental protection in Wisconsin? – Riverwest Eco-Voter A: In some ways we got a mixed bag in November, but generally we can rejoice that candidates who are more likely to support environmental protection measures were elected. In Federal races, Wisconsin followed […]

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Donnell McDougal

by Ellen C. Warren, photograph by Vince Bushell “I just meet interesting people,” says Donnell McDougal. “I’ve been meeting interesting people since I was five years old.” About a year back Donnell sat down on a bench in front of the Riverwest Cooperative. A young man joined him there and they spent a time in […]

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Activists or Heretics? Call to Action Conference for Progressive Catholics

by Adam J. Lovinus A thousand or so anti-war protesters assembled downtown outside the Midwest Express Center the Saturday evening before Election Tuesday, for what appeared to be an old-fashioned activist gettogether: Green Party candidates were out campaigning; there was jangly folk music playing; and freak-flags of all kinds were flying high as peace activist […]

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Our Favorite Recipes

Some of our staff members have agreed to share their favorite holiday recipes with our readers. Take a read through… these recipes say as much about the writers as the food involved. Perhaps that’s why they say, “You are what you eat.” Michael Timm’s Award Winning Apple Pie At Riverwest Currents, Michael has always been […]

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Riverwest Numbers: Midterm Election Roundup

by Adam J. Lovinus With the votes all cast and counted, the political winners and losers determined, the time has come for the Democracy Hangover that lasts up until inauguration time in January. This is a time of peaceful closure for politicians and the electorate alike, both burned out from the trench warfare that is […]

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