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Last RNA Meeting Minutes

Steve Servais, a Riverwest neighbor, shared his experience and knowledge regarding rain barrels and water conservation systems. He provided a handout with background on Milwaukee’s waste water system difficulties and the benefits of rain barrels…

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RNA Agenda for 8/10

RIVERWEST NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION Tuesday, August 10, 7PM YMCA CDC Office, 604 E Center (& Booth) All Riverwesters are invited. AGENDA: 1. Invocation 2 Minutes 2. Review & approval of prior minutes 2 Minutes 3. Additions/Revisions to agenda 2 Minutes 4. Announcements 5 Minutes 5. Presentations 20 Minutes A) Stephen Servais, Riverwest resident, will share his […]

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Riverwest Neighborhood Association Report — July 2004 Meeting

Presentations Carrie Lewis, Superintendent, Department of Water Works, provided an update on the Reservoir. Currently there are two studies in process: one is research on ways to “mitigate the curve” on North Avenue, for which there is at least $300,000 in federal money available. Engineers are also developing a 3-D display and perspective drawings of […]

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RNA General Meeting Minutes, July 13, 2004

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, August 10, 7PM Riverwest Neighborhood Association General Meeting Minutes, July 13, 2004 Center Street YMCA/CDC In Attendance: Michele Morris, Devon Wichelt, Kara Sebach, Tim Vertz (Board Member), Tim Carpenter (Candidate for Congress), Tracey Golden, Zachary Knutson, Donald Sargent (Riverworks), Stephen Servais, Ellen Servais, Nancy Certz (Board Member), Mark Lawson, RoseMary Oliveira, Sonya […]

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June Meeting Minutes

Committee Reports / June, 2004 • YMCA CDC – Riverwest Minutes taken by Lorraine Jacobs Announcements Ted Anderson, representing Wisconsin Community Services, provided information on the many services and programs available to Milwaukee citizens who encounter the criminal justice system. Materials were distributed to those attending. Committee Reports Holton Street Revitalization Don Sargent (Riverworks Development Corp.) […]

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