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Holton Youth Center Faces Transition

“The YMCA of Metropolitan Milwaukee has made a difficult decision to close the Holton Youth Center.  We do not have a definite date set for the closing, but know that it will come in early 2008. We had originally set a date for April 1, 2008, but will remain flexible in the hopes that we can find another organization that can take over the building and continue to serve the youth of the neighborhood.” 

The first paragraph of the Feb. 23 press release from the YMCA outlines the present situation. But there is a long and complex relationship between Holton Youth Center and Riverwest that predates the YMCA’s involvement.

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March On Milwaukee!

PEOPLE who have taken part in protests and group actions report a kind of euphoria – some say it’s as powerful as falling in love. “Action fever,” they call it. 

Milwaukee audiences are sure to feel some emotional heat if they attend March On Milwaukee, Margaret Rozga’s dramatic memoir. The scene with Christmas carolers outside the home of the landlord who refused to rent to Ronald Britton, a black Viet Nam vet, is guaranteed to bring a lump to the throat. Perhaps a blush to the cheek.

The play will be presented at 7 pm on Thursday, September 27 at the Humphrey Scottish Rite Center, 790 N. Van Buren St. It will kick off a weekend of events commemorating the open housing marches of 1967.