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TANNENBAUM ARMS -chapter 5, January 1970

A story in serial format by: Darlene Wesenberg Rzezotarski January: Wherein the caretakers of the English basement apartment successfully finish off the semester at UWM, but face ongoing challenges with caretaking, parenting and academics. Jay shares a true Pandora’s Box story from his Ottawa heritage. Frank visits in the night. Jay sells blood. The sea […]

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Tannenbaum Arms – Chapter 4 December 1969

Darlene Wesenberg Rzezotarski Dear Readers,I offer a few thoughts as you embark on Chapter 4 of Tannenbaum Arms.Who among you remembers living through the Draft Lottery ordeal of December 1, 1969? Readers born on September 14 between 1944 and 1950 especially–you might have felt you had lost by winning. To this day, most friends of […]

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NIk Kovac looks back as he starts his new role as Milwaukee Budget Director

Now Budget Director for the City of Milwaukee, former Alderman Nic Kovac shares his thoughts on being our Alderman for 14 years withCurrents’ writer Austin Greenberg. Only the first two segments were included in the July 2022 Riverwest Currents printed edition. ( Humboldt Blvd. redo and Creation of the Greenway) Following those two segments on-line […]

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