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July 2016 RAA Artist Profile

Xav and Martin: Radio Connects Community text by Elizabeth Vogt photo by John Ruebartsch People talk. We talk to, with, and for each other. We tell tales of experience and fantasy, spout emotional diatribes, sing out of longing and of pleasure. And we did it long before written language and telephones: millennia around the campfire […]

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July 2016 Neighbor Spotlight

    Neighbor Spotlight: Nellie Vance: Volunteer/activist/communicator plants seeds of positive change in Riverwest story by Peggy Schulz  photo by Alice Waraxa When Nellie Vance first came to Milwaukee 10 years ago to attend UWM, she lived on the outskirts of Riverwest. But, as she got to know the neighborhood—and the neighbors—better, she physically moved […]

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8 Spotlight ErikaWolf_byAliceWaraxa02

August 2016 Neighbor Spotlight

Neighbor Spotlight Erika Wolf: Former national organizer now approaches change on a block-to-block level by Peggy Schulz photo by Alice Waraxa Erika Wolf, volunteer coordinator at the Riverwest Co-op, has an impressive background as an organizer and activist, on state-wide, national and even international levels. But she’s more than happy to be back in her […]

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8 RAA close up JosieOsbornebyJohnR

August 2016 RAA Artist Profile

RAA Arist Profile Josie Osborne – Curated Worlds by Elizabeth Vogt photo by John Ruebartsch Josie Osborne creates dioramas for the mind. Diorama: from the Greek di (through) and orama (a sight to be seen): a model we look into, often in three-dimensional miniature form, of an event or a location; a construction that references the […]

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