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1 WEDNESDAY HAPPY NEW YEAR! ***FOR NEW YEAR’S HAPPENINGS see Page 4 2 THURSDAY 5th DISTRICT CRIME PREVENTION MEETING 2920 N. 4th St, All residents welcome, 5:30PM NIA CLASS 2550 N Weil, w/ Barb Wesson (see ad Page 12) 4:30-5:30PM WAR MEMORIAL CENTER 750 N Lincoln Memorial Dr, Rm 415, Milw Meditation Group (Self-Realization Fellowship) […]

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"Rapid" Water Adds Oxygen, photo by Mikkie Moore

Fish Facts

Michaela Moore, UW-Milwaukee First Year Biology Major   What do fish breathe? Fish breathe oxygen, much like humans. However, fish don’t breathe air like humans do, they breathe the oxygen that is dissolved in the water. They don’t breathe oxygen in its molecular form H2O) though, they breathe oxygen as a gas (O2.). (Cary Institute […]

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