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WI Assembly District 10 – Up for grabs!

Open and transparent democracy is missing in action. Redistricting is  required every 10 years after the  census to assure  equal  representation  for  state  assembly  and senate  districts.  Since Republicans control the state senate, assembly and governor’s  office, they  took  advantage of the situation to draw lines  favorable to their  party without public  input  or  consultation  […]

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Opinion – Can We All Get Along?

by Ellen C. Warren  Rodney King died a couple weeks ago. At 47 years of age. Anyone over 12 probably remembers Mr. King. Beaten to a pulp by L.A. policemen, whose acquittal from charges sparked riots in Los Angeles. Rodney King, whose simple question, “Can we all get along?” lives on, still unsatisfactorily answered. Would […]

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Flamed! Joe’s Car Shop and Galleries

by Tess Reiss, photo by Jan Christensen On Tuesday morning, July 17, Riverwest lost an iconic building, irreplaceable art, galleries, apartments, jobs, and an anchor business to a sudden fire in Joe’s East Coast Car Shop. The five-alarm fire raged on a sweltering 90 degree day at 631 E Center St.

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Calendar August 2012

JUL 23-AUG 3 FREE ART FOR KIDS Gordon Park Mon-Fri, 1-4PM, AUG 1-31 RIVERWEST CO-OP CAFÉ 733 E Clarke St,  Art Exhibit: Eleanor Bleksley, abstract oil pastels AUG 9-26 MILWAUKEE CHAMBER THEATRE 158 N. Broadway, A Thousand Clowns AUG 10-12 DANCEWORKS 1661 N Water, Danceworks On Tap: The Pursuit of Tappyness AUG 13-23 CITY […]

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