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Calendar April 2012

WOODLAND PATTERN 720 E Locust, Edible Books Show  1-4PM $3-$5  Sunday April 1 Continuing Events at end of calendar – page down 1 SUNDAY CIRCLE A 932 E Chambers, The Insouciant Trio 8PM / DJ Fazio 10PM GARDEN PARK, Locust & Bremen, Occupy Milwaukee Clean-Up of Garden Park 10AM RIVERWEST PUBLIC HOUSE 815 E Locust, Rival […]

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Neighbor Spotlight: Della Welles


Painting and interview by Tristen Shevey. a collaboration with UWM – Notable Neighbors*


Della Wells is a Milwaukee born, self-taught artist.  She was brought to Riverwest by a friend who had a building available. Living and making art in Riverwest is valuable to Ms. Wells, and she is well known and respected in the area. Although she is a late blooming artist, she has created a successful career depicting African American woman realizing the potential of their hopes and dreams. 

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2012 Green Team: Sustainable Milwaukee

Sustainability is a word familiar to most Riverwest residents.  Whether it’s installing a rain barrel, better roof insulation or solar panels, recycling to the max, buying locally whenever possible, or even keeping bees, our neighbors likely are at the top of their game when it comes to living in Earth-friendly ways.  But that’s on a neighborhood level.  Is it possible for the city of Milwaukee as a whole to take up the sustainability challenge?

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Think Spring! Plant a ServiceBerry


Good for Wildlife and the Environment, Good for You and Your Riverwest Co-op.  With the purchase of a tree a portion of the funds will go to the Co-op Walk-in Cooler fund, you will receive a Serviceberry tree to plant. TWO SIZES: One & two Gallon Pot. ORDER  NOW FOR PLANTING ON ARBOR DAY WEEKEND APRIL –  Fri  27 & Sat 28  Plant immediately or keep until you find the right spot. Planting & care instructions will come with each pot.  Drop form and a check off at the  Riverwest Co-op  733 E. Clarke St.   53212    •    Payable  to Riverwest Co-op