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3rd District Alderman Miike D'Amato

D’Amato Will Not Seek 3rd District Seat

Mike D’Amato, who has been Alderman of the 3rd District since 1996, is not seeking re-election. His legislative assistant, Sam McGovern-Rowen, has declared his intention to run, as have two Riverwesters, Sura Faraj and Nik Kovac (Kovac works with the Currents), and UWM student Andrew Twist.

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Eat the Mystery

EAT THE MYSTERY • December 7 • Bremen Cafe: performance art, vaudeville, costumes, props, cabaret, experimental, audience reaction, SURPRISE! politcal, a little. Don’t ask Angie about her mom. Don’t ask Paul about the marshmallow. But do be prepared to be challenged. Eat The Mystery is: Angie Livermore, Paul Setser, Danny Price, Ken Zanowski, Dave Bolyard, […]

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