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Coach Marian Hanen (left) addresses Polish Falcon team preparing for a meet in July.

Polish Falcons: A Cure for Couch Potato Kids

THE music starts and 15 children line up in formation. They bend, they stretch, they raise their arms in motions that seem a cross between a march and a dance. They are grouped on mats that cover the floor of the Polish Falcons Hall. On another mat-covered area, three little girls get a welcoming hug […]

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Is it Legal to Compost in the City?

Q: Is it legal to compost in the City?   A: It sure is. But some restrictions apply. There is, in fact, a City ordinance for composting. It states that uncooked vegetables cannot be mixed into the pile unless you take a class at a local organization and you must have a certificate showing successful […]

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Claire Moore. Photo by Vince Bushell.

Claire Moore

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting, or perhaps I should say experiencing, Claire Moore, maybe you caught the Art Cart Race at last month’s Center Street Daze. Claire was one of those pink-shrouded lovelies cavorting on and around the “Pink House” cart, doing their best to thwart their opponents’ progress at the turn, […]

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