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Saving Grace: Pieter Godfrey’s Complex Relationship to Recycling

by Valerie Valentine; Photo, Vince Bushell On Saturday January 7, more than 100 neighbors and community leaders gathered at Pieter Godfrey’s recycle, sustainable development, and river corridor watch complex to learn more about his project and to discuss reuse practices. Godfrey salvages wood, brick and decorative stonework from buildings that are being torn down. Godfrey […]

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“New Growth” for Riverwest Designer

by Michael Timm Christopher Poehlmann is a tall man whose long, silverybrown hair streams down around a serene face flanked by long sideburns and crisply divided by narrow green glasses. He is comfortable lounging in a chair designed by one of his favorite 20th century designers or in one he’s designed himself. He looks arty. […]

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Tom Simasko

by Ellen C. Warren, photograph by Peter DiAntoni “When you walked into a store with your eyes closed you could smell where you were. The hardware store smelled oily. The grocery had a bouquet of greens and fresh fruit. The bakery… well, you know. The butcher shop smelled like blood and sawdust.” The Riverwest of […]

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Eddie Davis Murals

by Valerie Valentine “I like the people and the diversity of Riverwest. Artists are everywhere,” said. Eddie Davis, who produces portraits, murals, sculpture and other public art in his studio at 808 E. Clarke St. He has worked out of the Clarke Street studio for three years. Before that, he had a studio on Locust […]

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