Hip Hop Culture

A Celebration of Hip Hop CultureT.R.U.E. Skool, Inc. has been invited by Summerfest, The World’s Largest MusicFestival, to provide youth and adults an opportunity to experience Hip HopCulture.

T.R.U.E. Skool willoffer workshops,performances, liveart demonstrationsand other activitiesduring this year’sSummerfest, June 29– July 9.

The group’s goal isto, “… celebrate thepositive impact theelements of Hip Hop;DJ, Emcee, GraffitiArt, and Breakdancing have on our youth and their communities when done in apositive and safe setting.”

Local and national Graffiti Artists are partnering with T.R.U.E. Skool to paintmurals on the Summerfest grounds before the 2006 season opens. These muralswill be visible throughout the summer and may remain permanently.

T.R.U.E Skool’s youth and local artists will perform 20-30 minute daily shows onthe Children’s Stage. Show topics include the History of Hip Hop, the Elements/Art Forms of the Culture, Graffiti as an Art, how T.R.U.E. Skool applies Hip HopCulture as a tool to Empower Youth and teach Conflict Resolution.

T.R.U.E. Skool has invited local, national and international artists to paint livemurals each day of Summerfest at the SOBE area, located by the South Gate. Thesemurals will be auctioned off to the public at T.R.U.E. Skool’s Annual Gallery NightFundraiser in August.

For more information on T.R.U.E. Skool’s Block Party 2006, sponsorshipopportunities during Summerfest and our programs and services as a youth andcommunity serving nonprofit in Southeastern Wisconsin, please visit our website,www.trueskool.org or call

763-3781 (office) or 975-4130 (cell). Email info@trueskool.org

Riverwest Currents online edition – June, 2006