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Carmie & Judy

by Jackie Reid-Dettloff, photograph by Vince Bushell This is a story about a circle anda straight line. The straight line is the pathbetween the 2900 block of NorthFratney Street and the public schoolbuilding three blocks directly north.The story begins fifty years ago whenCarmie Ciofani walked her sonPatrick to kindergarten at FratneySt. School on the opening […]

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Connector Disconnect:Can we get public transportationon the right track?

by Belle Bergner Is there anything that makes acity more attractive than goodpublic transit? Public transportation aside,Milwaukee has it all – restaurants,music, art, parks, and more.But our antiquated bus systemis holding us back from whatforward-thinking residents andcity leaders want to challenge thecity to become – one of the mosteconomically and environmentallythriving, livable and attractivecities in […]

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Beer Run

THE TRACKS12:00 Kevin Pulvermacher andthe White Chocolates2:30 The Probers5:15 Five Card Studs MA BAENSCH HERRINGFree herring samples.Coloring for kids. LINNEMAN’SOutdoor Stage12:30 LandCarp2:30 The Bugs4:00 Cornmeal6:30 Uptown SavagesIndoor stage3:00 Whiskey Jars & Scandals5:30 The Heavyheads8:15 The Chop Top Toronados KLINGER’S EAST11:00 Sigmund Snopek’sBeer Show2:00 Heidi Spencer Ensemble3:00 Dave Snopek4:00 Matt Hendrix5:00 Pat McDonald6:30 Brother Louie 70’s […]

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Remembering the Roots of Locust Street Festival: Boulevard Killed! Locust Street Lives!

On June 11, Locust Street Festival turns 30 years old, making it one of the longest running neighborhood festivals in the city. The festivities started as a celebration of neighborhood triumph. City engineers had a plan to widen Locust Street into a Boulevard, bulldozing fifteen businesses and displacing over fifty families and individuals. In anticipation […]

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