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Health Matters:Hunger in Riverwest

by Emily DeLeo Remember the old expression “you arewhat you eat”? Most people recognizethat the food you eat does have a bigimpact on your overall health. Mostpeople also are able to buy the healthyfood they need. However, there are alot of people who cannot afford healthyfood, even right here in Riverwest. Poverty is often the […]

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Brady Bits

by Tim LambrechtThe Brady Street Blessing of theBridges took place on Saturday, May20. In attendance were Mayor TomBarrett, Alderman Mike D’Amato, StateSenator Jeff Plaly as well as other localdignitaries. Father Mike Hammer of theAIDS Ministry blessed the MarsupialBridge over the river and the PedestrianBridge over Lincoln Memorial Drive. Itwas nice to see a group of […]

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Ask the Ecologist

by Belle Bergner Q: What’s the deal with native plants? I seesome varieties in the nursery say they arenative to Wisconsin. Should I only buy plantsfor my garden that are from Wisconsin?- Jane Gardener A: Native plants have become a hot topicfor ecologists and environmentalistsfor a number of reasons in recent years.Problems have arisen when […]

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Summerfest presents…T.R.U.E. Skool’s Block Party 2006!

A Celebration of Hip Hop CultureT.R.U.E. Skool, Inc. has been invited by Summerfest, The World’s Largest MusicFestival, to provide youth and adults an opportunity to experience Hip HopCulture. T.R.U.E. Skool willoffer workshops,performances, liveart demonstrationsand other activitiesduring this year’sSummerfest, June 29– July 9. The group’s goal isto, “… celebrate thepositive impact theelements of Hip Hop;DJ, Emcee, […]