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National Poetry Month

by Mary Vuk George Bowering April is the cruelest month, wrote T.S. Eliot. That, however, was long before The Academy of American Poets designated April as National Poetry Month in an effort to encourage individuals and the media to pay more attention to the art of poetry, living poets and our poetic heritage. Visitors to […]

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Dites Donc: A sexual force…with a feminist agenda

by Jason Hart Milwaukee-based Dites Donc (pronounced “Deet Dahnk,” French slang for “Look here!” or “Hey!”) incorporates irresistible dance music, intelligent lyrics, irreverent attitude, and innovative performance art into an ingenious and sex-saturated amalgam of music, dance, and theatre. Fresh off of a recent tour of points south and a magnificent performance at the Art […]

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In Kenya, a “” is a community event designed to raise money for an ill or otherwise needy person, or for a situation, such as a school in need of repair. As a noun or an exclamation it is also used as a Swahili rallying cry urging the community to “get organized and work together […]

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Reverend Gerald Hessel

by Ellen C. Warren, photograph by Peter DiAntoni Father Gerry Hessel is a paradox. His schedule is so full that it seems impossible to keep up with, yet when he is with you, he is so with you that it feels like time is standing still. He is the rock sitting steady in the rushing […]

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