Archive | October 2005

Growing Power – Workshop in Review

by Ellen Warren, photo by Janice Christensen This is Power! This is real power! Worms! Worms make soil, the best, most fertile soil imaginable. WORMS + COMPOST = SOIL. That’s the truth. Compost = Waste. Take some waste, add some worms and produce soil that will grow virtually anything.

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Kari Behling

by Ellen C. Warren, photo by Peter DiAntoni It’s not necessary to ask Kari Behling what is precious to her. Within a few minutes in her presence it’s impossible not to feel the love and acceptance in the air. Her family, foster kids, foster families and community take up the majority of space in her […]

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Clearcutting in Shorewood

by Jean Scherwenka, photo by Vince Bushell Clear-cutting trees and foliage on the west bank of the Milwaukee River between Hubbard Park and Capitol Drive has alarmed residents of Riverwest and Shorewood, as well as the River Revitalization Foundation, Urban Ecology Center, Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and Shorewood’s Village Board.

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Valuing Children

After the divorce, my mom worked at a daycare center for a while. She was a full time student patching together jobs to support her two daughters while trying to get an education that would allow her to give us a better life. She would tell us about the kids at the center sometimes, and […]

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