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The Grapes of Activism & the Politics of Meaning

article/photo by Tess Reiss “The Right is correct; there is a huge spiritual crisis in America. And the Left doesn’t get it,” said Rabbi Michael Lerner, an antiwar activist in the 1960s, editor of Tikkun magazine in Berkeley, and organizer of the conference. And with that, the conference began with the launching of a new […]

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Shorewood Considers Redevelopment

by Jean Scherwenka When an area has TID status the municipality borrows money to invest in improvements — street reconstruction, facade grants, and redevelopment of specific sites. Those improvements then increase property values and expand the tax base. The loans are repaid with tax dollars from the increased value of TID properties. This provides an […]

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September Song

by Janice Christensen Autumn is a melancholy time. It’s my favorite time of the year. One can almost imagine our Pleistocene ancestors, sitting around the fire as the nights lengthen. Looking around the circle of faces. Knowing the faces will be different when summer comes again. Which ones will be absent? What change will have […]

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Carmela Ziino

by Jackie Reid Detloff, photo by *protected email* I gave Carmela Ziino a small bag of green beans on the day I went to interview her. “Thank you,” she said. “I think I make a pasta fajol.” Then she told me how she fixes the hearty peasant dish that has sustained Italian families for centuries.

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Shawn Gurath — All Over

provided by MGAC Shawn Gurath lives and works in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood where he also directs The Academy of Unconventional Art — a storefront studio where he teaches classes, throws art shows, and makes art. Gurath began his art studies at UW-Milwaukee. He then strayed from the academic path and took an uncharted and self-directed […]

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