Archive | September, 2005

A View From the Back of a Push Cart

by Mark “Sparky” Lawson As I looked down at my teammate dragging along underneath our cart, the skin on his back experiencing up close and personal every inch of Center Street’s rough asphalt surface, I wondered, “What brought us to this point?” Quickly shaking off this bout of introspection, I snapped out of it and […]

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Sweat Equity

by Julia Kolker, photo by Kurt Johnson Jake Henes walks to work. This may not seem unusual, but it is, considering that Henes spends all day fixing cars. Henes, owner of Riverwest Automotive Service (801 E. Keefe Ave.), which opened in July, lives a few blocks from his shop. He does brakes, tune-ups, exhaust, electrical […]

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Good Eatin’ on the East Side

by Tim Lambrecht The East Side of Milwaukee is home to ethnic grocers and delis that are among the best in the city. Depending on your taste and mood, you can find a number of specialties within a few blocks of Brady Street that you can take home and make yourself or have made for […]

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Tastes Like Chicken

by Sarah Mankowski, photo by Kurt Johnson The back cottage on Bartlett, complete with rusting folding chairs on the porch and a Col. Sanders sticker on the door, resembled a frat house more than the headquarters of a nationally distributed magazine. Marla Campbell, (aka Fphatty Lamar), founding member and Tastes Like Chicken housemate, led me […]

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Riverwest ArtWalk: FAQ

by Mark Lawson ArtWalk is the state’s largest walking tour of artists’ homes and studios, neighborhood galleries and various alternative spaces. It is organized and sponsored by the Riverwest Artists Association (RAA). The walking tour includes more than 100 established and emerging visual artists and performers at 40 site throughout Riverwest. Many area restaurants and […]

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