Archive | July 2005

New Leaders for MLK Drive BID

Teig Whalen-Smith has been named Director of the Historic King Drive Business Improvement District, according to the Spring, 2005 issue of Living The Dream, the BID’s quarterly newsletter. Marjorie Rucker will serve as the Business Assistance Coordinator for the BID.

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Beer Garden Special

“Special” makes me think of those cartoon specials I saw as a kid. You know, the ones with the ’70s graphic of the word “special” spinning at you in Technicolor with that music going, so it’s like all the cartoon characters stumble out drunk, and little kids everywhere are traumatized for the rest of their […]

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The Long & The Shorts

by Judith Ann Moriarty Rewind. From July 27-28, competing filmmakers will make a video in 24 hours The site is the Milwaukee Art Museum, from 10:30 AM to 10:30 AM on the aforementioned dates. No need to bring a shower cap. The video challenge will be juried and screened the following day at MAM. On […]

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Green Oasis

by Janice Christensen The June 14 Riverwest Neighborhood Association meeting was packed. Greenfolks Gardeners turned out in force to support their neighborhood project. People filled every chair, and many sat on the floor. Two children inspected a map of the garden propped against the wall as the adults talked about the future of the neighborhood […]

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