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Def Harmonic – Spaced Out

From the moment the deep bass thump that opens the Spaced Out EP comes through your speakers, comparisons to Parliament-Funkadelic are unavoidable. But thirty years of musical evolution have gone by since George Clinton assembled his first crew of space cadets, and Def Harmonic use that development to its fullest potential.

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One Week Paintings

article and photo by Tess Reiss The Art Bar (722 E. Burleigh St.) celebrated its 1-year anniversary on March 19 with the Riverwest Accordion Club and a party in full swing all night long. Patrons could view an entire year of the “One Week Paintings” open canvas series, on display until April 14. The best-of-canvas […]

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The Iberian Spanish Dancers offer their audiences something unique and, frankly, hot — a welcome word in the land of nine-month winters. Since their start in 1958, the group has featured Hispanic dance from countries such as Portugal, Chile and Mexico. Puerto Rican dance has a strong African influence, which is somewhat limiting for a […]

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Evangelical Christian Program
Reaches for Urban Youth

by Michael Timm Wandani. The word doesn’t seem to belong in inner city Milwaukee. It means “companions” in Swahili, say the organizers of Wandani Youth Outreach, a program sponsored by St. Marcus Lutheran church and school located at the corner of Palmer Street and North Avenue.

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