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District 4 School Board Candidate Forum

by Janice Christensen On April 5, Riverwest residents in the northern half of the neighborhood will be voting for one of two candidates for the MPS School Board 4th District. They will choose between incumbent and Board Vice President Charlene Hardin and challenger Bernadine Bradford. We asked each of the candidates to answer a series […]

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Underpants and Frogs

by Kelly Voss, illustration by Kevin Rux With the passing of Valentine’s Day and all the cliche roses, candy, and bad poetrytucked away until next year, comes a favorite holiday amongst beer drinkers and redheads around the world: St. Patrick’s Day.

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gutter grrls

by Sarah Mankowski It’s easy to spot a couple of the gutter grrls at the local coffee shop — they’re the only ones in the place having a good time and laughing at 10:00 on a Sunday morning. Maybe it was the gutter grrls T-shirt that gave them away. These Photoshop provocateurs prefer to remain […]

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Blarney Stoned

by Judith Ann Moriarty Bridget died in 525. Ireland mourned as they had never mourned for any…with the possible exception of Patrick. Time was when I believed Castlemaine was the grandest place on God’s green earth, but as I lay here in 2005 in an unmarked grave uncomfortably close to a four lane U.S. highway, […]

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FYI: Fostering Independence

by Suzanne Zipperer, photo by Vince Bushell Foster Youth Independence Center helps foster children transition to adulthood. Parents of “grown” children realize that their work doesn’t end at age 18. Young adults still need plenty of guidance, regular financial assistance, and the occasional “kick in the butt” to move their lives forward in a positive […]

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