Archive | March 2005

The Goyim Guide to Passover

Someone I once told this to was horrified. If the same applies to you, I invite you to consult an encyclopedia for further knowledge about Passover. If, like my family, you laughed, read on.

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Riverwest Latina Breast Cancer Awareness Project

Magdalisse Gonzalez has been named LBCAP Project Coordinator. She will provide bilingual (Spanish-English) individualized education and advocacy services, community workshops, collaboration with churches and parent groups from local schools, referrals to local health care providers for mammograms and other health related issues. She will also work closely with health care providers to come up with […]

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Co-op Cafe

“People always ask me ‘what do you suggest?’ Well, if they knew of some of the weird concoctions I was eating, especially ’cause I’m like, eight months pregnant — they wouldn’t ask me any more questions!”

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Diverse Congregation Draws On Historic Roots

by Peter Reese If there’s one word that could describe St. Marcus Lutheran Church on the corner of North and Palmer, that word would be diverse. From a 270-student elementary school, to a television ministry, to accessible and relevant worship, this congregation of over 700 members has something for everyone. Of course, St. Marcus was […]

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