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April 2005

1 FRIDAY ART BAR: Syntha-size it. DJ’s Mike Kasun& John Alen. BREMEN CAFE: Dark Sarcasm’s CD release. BUCKETWORKS: Haute and Cold Fashion. over 15 designers. 6PM. $4/6 THE COFFEE HOUSE: David H.B. Drake, Monica Jabonski, Rich Morgan & Sandy Weisto. Food Pantry Benefit. $3 & two cans food. 8PM. MILWAUKEE ART MUSEUM: First Fridays; Robin […]

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Take it Off

by Sarah Mankowski, photo by Kurt Johnson I’m sorry – I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on,” I apologized as the Brew City Burlesque girls waved me down at Anodyne Coffee Roasters . . . actually, that wasn’t the case at all. I instantly spotted Miss Chassy Dee Luxe and Ophelia Knightly sitting in […]

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Champagne & Irish Bacon

by John Tyson, photo by Kurt Johnson James Liddy (Irish, poet, teacher, gay, rebel) resides right here in this snow shush tree-lined town we call Milwaukee. His most recent book, The Doctor’s House, published by Salmon, is considered a rather “unconventional autobiography.” Read it! Mr. Liddy’s work defies labels, combining American and Irish contexts, states […]

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Words Remembered

Back in the summer of 1997, Art Muscle Magazine published their final issue. Included in it were essays on the “art of criticism.” I saved the copy Lo these many years, and in thinking how best to honor MJS art critic, James Auer, who died in December, it was clear that only text written by […]

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Shirin Cabraal

by Jackie Reid Dettloff, photo by Peter DiAntoni When Shirin Cabraal first heard of the tsunami in Southeast Asia, it was not through reports in the media. She got a direct call from her mother in Sri Lanka. Beaches that Shirin had known as a child had been devastated; fishing villages had been destroyed. But […]

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