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March 2005

March 1 TUESDAY CIRCLE A: Savage Jook Jukebox Challenge. 9:30 PM. THE FOUNDATION: Tiki Tuesday. MIRAMAR: .Acoustic/spoken word open mic. Sign-up 7PM. Show 8 PM. $2 2 WEDNESDAY ART BAR: Beautiful Polution.8 PM. BREMEN CAFE: Richard Pinney & Friends. 9:30 PM. Free CIRCLE A: Freeform Wednesday w/ Flavor Dav 9:30 PM. CLUB TIMBUKTU: Poetry Night […]

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The Story of Tyler Rintas and His Providers by Tea Krulos Tyler Rintas tells one of my favorite types of tales — wild, chaotic, kinky, and truly stranger than fiction. A year ago Rintas, a UWM-Milwaukee film school graduate, decided to investigate the mysterious world of escort services. His curiosity formed the seed of an […]

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Via Cruz

by Sarah Mankowski If you liked The Passion, then you won’t want to miss the Via Cruz, the Way of the Cross, on Good Friday, March 25 starting at 12 noon from St. Casimir church.

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