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February 2005

minutes taken by Lorraine Jacobs ANNOUNCEMENTS Steve Servais announced the Board of Zoning Appeals approved his request for variance for his new home. DJ Burns introduced himself as a neighbor and partner in a development plan for the Johnson Controls site. Mike McInerney announced plans for a neighborhood clean-up on Sat., April 15, 9 am […]

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Jon Hanson

by Julia Kolker / photograph by Peter DiAntoni Riverwest is home to old-timers, students and, of course, the artsy riffraff: hipsters, bohemians and musicians. At first glance, Jon Hanson could be pegged as any of those. He sets a meeting at Fuel. He is skinny and wears a band shirt. His hair is artfully disheveled […]

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Warriors Necessary

by Vince Bushell Black, Pink, White, Brown, Male, Female, we need them all. Humans dedicated to fighting for respect for their fellow citizens and against oppression. Warriors willing to speak out for justice. I supported Mike McGee for alderman of the 6th district because I thought he would shake things up. There was a complacency […]

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giovanni singleton

giovanni singleton received a MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics from The New College of California. She is a recipient of a New Langton Bay Area Award Show for Literature and has been a fellow at Squaw Valley Community of Writers, Cave Canem: A Workshop for African-American Poets, and the Hurston/Wright Writers Week.

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It’s Not Cool to Steal the Artwork

Breena Wiederhoeft did not consider it a compliment when her painting, “2selves,” disappeared from Mitchell Hall at UWM over the weekend of February 5-6. Please, if anyone sees this painting, get in touch with Breena at . Or tell the person who took it to please return it to Mitchell 325, no questions asked.

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