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Sunrise Foods

by Janice Christensen Retirement would be too boring for someone like Dr. Robert Wetzler. His career covered chiropractic care, Ob-gyn and general practice. Not to mention being the backstage doctor at Alpine Valley and having opened his home to his famous “patients” like the Grateful Dead. Helping to put a group together to open the […]

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Reservoir Through History

by Alex Kiley, reference material provided by Frank Alioto Since its construction in 1873 the Kilbourn Park Reservoir has provided a lot of color to the neighborhood. After all, it went uncovered for a good 100 years, which to some seemed an open invitation for swimming. Measuring 310 feet east to west and 515 feet […]

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A Slice of American History: Carter G. Woodson

by Charlesetta Thompson In February of 1926, Carter G. Woodson, an historian and visionary, established Negro History Week, the event that turned into what is now Black History Month. Dr. Woodson came from humble beginnings. The son of emancipated slaves, Woodson spent his childhood working in the coal mines of Kentucky. He enrolled in high […]

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My Mystic Mansion

by Carol Rathe If someone had asked me five years ago if I were a “mystic,” I wouldn’t have understood what they were asking. A mystic! What the heck is that? Would a mystic be someone like that guy Merlin the Magician in Camelot, who performs weird alchemical tricks with batwings and bitter herbs?

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