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February 2005

1 TUESDAY BREMEN CAFE: Matt Hendricks Experience. CIRCLE A: Savage Jook Jukebox Challenge. THE FOUNDATION: Tiki Tuesday w/ Your Ship’s Bartender, Don Nelson. LINNEMAN’S: We Vibe. 9 PM. MAD PLANET: Ska is Dead II Featuring: Streetlight Manifesto, Voodoo Glow Skulls, MU330, The Hired Geeks. All ages. 5 PM. RIVERWEST YOGASHALA: Level 2 with Peggy. 6 […]

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There’s A Red Bar Over Yonder

by Jeremy Berg (failed logic at a prestigious American university.) Ah, spring — the time of year when a young man’s fancy turns to love. Unfortunately, we haven’t had spring for two years, so it’s a good thing Valentine’s Day is solidly in the middle of winter. If that doesn’t make sense to you, you […]

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Pete’s Year

by Mike Brenner “2005 is my year of self-promotion. Business cards, flyers, websites. Whatever it takes” So sayeth Craig Pete, maker of the giant side-show images seen throughout Milwaukee for years. Luckystar, KM Art, Hi-Hat, Cempazuchi, Fuel and other venues have displayed his work, and most folks who drive through this town have seen his […]

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Making Hay

by Sarah Mankowski In Manitowoc, a seemingly typical small Wisconsin town that happens to have its very own WWII submarine and a main drag dominated by massive grain elevators masquerading as Budweiser bottles, one should perhaps expect the unexpected. Within the confines of an unassuming 1893 cream city brick edifice, photographers John Shimon and Julie […]

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Riverwest Clinic…A Family Feeling

by Janice Christensen Retirement would be too boring for someone like Dr. Robert Wetzler. His career covered chiropractic care, Ob-gyn and general practice. Not to mention being the backstage doctor at Alpine Valley and having opened his home to his famous “patients” like the Grateful Dead. Helping to put a group together to open the […]

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