Archive | December 2004

Warrior When Necessary

by Suzanne Zipperer / photo by John Ruebartsch Alderman Michael McGee, Jr. is cutting his teeth on the hard tack of city politics in a district that is as diverse as Riverwest, but may be even more challenging.

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News from the Schools

La Escuela Fratney will finally break ground next spring for its expansion. The $9 million addition and renovation will provide additional classroom space, new offices, a gym, cafeteria, and library/media center….

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Revisiting the Reservoir

One of the earliest names for the Riverwest neighborhood was a Polish word meaning “Beyond the Green Hill.” As new residents moved north across the river from the Brady Street area, they thought of the reservoir hill as a defining boundary of the neighborhood….

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Choosing The Reader’s Choice

Perhaps if there were as many neighborhood bookstores as there are neighborhood liquor stores, communities as a whole would be more literate. Then again, there is a slight possibility that people would just walk a little farther to get drunk. Not, however, if they had bookstores abundant with endless reading options like The Reader’s Choice, […]

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