Archive | November, 2004

Art & Politics

by Julia Kolker Some things in life should be done effectively, not efficiently, said Elliot Eisner, a Stanford University art and education professor, adding that making love or having a meal are not efficient activities. The crowd gathered at the Milwaukee Art Museum for an October 14 seminar loved the comment.

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Fear & Trembling

by James Kloiber “A baby was found with its head under a rock. It’s head was lopsided and it’s eyes were masses of pus. Unfortunately, it was alive. We hoped that it would die.” (War photographer Eugene Smith. Aperture Monograph, Aperture Magazine, 1969)

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Circus Maximus

by Judith Ann Moriarty The rumbles began after the September 9 presentation by Tokyo born Kinji Akagawa, the first in a trio of public sculpture seminars titled “Open Art” and hosted by MIAD. In 2005, one of three presenters will see their work installed in the Third Ward. MIAD’s communications director, Frank Miller, estimated the […]

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Booksellers vs. “The Bird”

I recently heard a small commotion outside of my otherwise fairly quiet bookstore, and saw a few middle-aged males standing around my sandwich board. I didn’t quite understand what was going on until I realized that one of the gentlemen (I use the term loosely) had tried to wipe off the announcement of an upcoming […]

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