Archive | November 2004

Kilbourn-Kadish Park Committee

The Kilbourn-Kadish Park Planning Committee started their monthly meeting on Oct. 13. by reviewing the article Whitney Gould had written about the park in the September 30 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “The vital ingredients,” she wrote, “are neighborhood involvement and a strong non-profit that will be around for a long time.” Great encouragement for the dedicated […]

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RNA Report October 2004

minutes taken by Lorraine Jacobs Announcements: Bill Richards and Laura Martin are canvassing Ward 103 for MoveOn PAC, assistance welcome. Jim Wilson announced that Energy Assistance Applications are now available at his office. There will be a dedication ceremony for the David Middlebrook sculpture at the Gordon Park pavilion, on October 29th, from 4:00 to […]

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Liminal Spaces

by Jan Christensen “The mythos of Eudemon…exploring the liminal spaces of Riverwest…meeting the ordinary folk and having a good time.” The mysterious Eudemon has been a character in Riverwest Currents since the paper’s beginning. From the Greek, Eudemon (or eudaimon, or eudaemon) means “Good Spirit.” But what are these “liminal spaces” he’s always exploring?

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After The Podium, The Worms

article and photos by Jan Christensen Will Allen looks happy with a pitchfork in his hands, turning the soil that’s dark and rich with worm castings. The diffused light in the greenhouse gleams off his face and arms. The air is warm and moist; it feels nourishing in the lungs. You can almost chew it. […]

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