Archive | November 2004

Affordable Housing: Consider a “Twindominium”

by J. Miles Goodwin Some duplex owners have considered converting their properties into two unit condominiums, known as “twindominiums”. There are several legal steps and quite a bit of paperwork that must be completed in order to accomplish the conversion.

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Celeste Spransy

by Julia Kolker / photograph by Peter DiAntoni When Celeste Spransy, armed with a degree from the Art Institute of Chicago, moved back to Milwaukee, she called the art critic at the Milwaukee Journal and said: “I’m a new artist in town and you should come up and visit me.”

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The Curse of Moving

by Yolanda White A certified mail notice arrived at my door on September 1. Now, usually there are only two reasons that I ever get certified mail: one is for a bill that the collector is finding a hard time collecting, and the other is from my lackadaisical, out-of-touch, out-of-town, first-time landlords. Their reasons for […]

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