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minutes taken by Lorraine Jacobs Announcements: George Martin mentioned a potential source of funding for mediation services in the Riverwest neighborhood. Presentations: James Pekrul, Foster Youth Independence Center of Milwaukee, Inc., has submitted an application to the Zoning and Neighborhood Development Committee requesting approval for operation of a social service agency. This agency would be […]

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No More Ms. Nice Guy

Helloooo, Riverwest!

It’s great to be back! I’ve spent the last year on the other side of the river, working in a nice big brick building. Oh, how I missed Riverwest.

I missed the neighborhood; the cynicism, the optimism. I missed the long discussions that had no need for conclusions or action outcome lists. I missed the simple things — shopping in the alleys on moving day, visits to the free box.

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The Plant That Ate Bradford Beach

It was a warm, muggy September morning. Summer, which had been missing in action, arrived for a while to welcome students back to school. So I decided to check out Bradford beach. I drove down to the parking lot on the lake with my windows up and the air conditioner on. I wasn’t prepared for what happened next, but when I opened the door it hit me, or more correctly, assaulted my nose. The unmistakable smell of rotting organic matter…

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Future Perfect

Sitting on a couch in a basement office of the Marcus Center, a group of young actors and musicians from First Stage Children’s Theatre and the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra happily gab about (can you believe it?) — rehearsing! Soon they will practice, practice, practice in a 56,000 square-foot Youth Performing Arts Center located on Martin Luther King Drive and West Walnut Street, where a portion of the Schlitz Brewery once stood…