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A conversation with Antler starts with a walk down to the Milwaukee River. Dressed in jeans and boots, his ample white beard framing his face, the 58-year-old Riverwester could be taken for a lumberjack. But as he speaks of coming to the river on winter nights to immerse himself in the icy silence, there is no doubt that the gentle-voiced man is the infamous Milwaukee poet.

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Holton Street’s Hidden Gem

Once upon a time, the apartment building at 2767 N. Holton (& Hadley) was quite a fashionable place to live on Holton Street. Built in 1925, this hidden gem has been a boarded eyesore and overrun with pigeons for the last 12 years. The property, recently purchased by Dennis Miskowski and a partner, is being restored to its former dignity.

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Miracle on Holton Street – RIC Story Part II

In last month’s issue, we gave a sketch of the Riverwest Investment Cooperative, the local housing investment group that celebrated its second annual membership meeting in August. This month we want to trace the story of RIC over the past twelve months as it changed from a handful of dreamers to a property-holding cooperative capable of qualifying for a loan of over $100,000 and rehabbing the very distressed house at 2543 N. Holton. There is quite a cast of characters.

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Riverwest Gets Behind Gwen

Riverwest voters delivered a solid victory to Gwen Moore in her bid for the 4th US Congressional District seat in the Sept. 14 primary election. Of the 1,521 Democratic votes cast in neighborhood polling places, 1,062 went to Moore, 306 to Matt Flynn and 150 to Tim Carpenter. Three voters cast write-in ballots. On the […]

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Business Briefs

Just opened, Pam’s Frame Center at 2974 N. Fratney (& Chambers Street). The shop offers a full range of frames, prints, posters, gifts, and accessories. Frames can be made to order, with same day service if you’re in a hurry…