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MPS Enrollment for 2005 Begins in October

Most parents aren’t thinking about school enrollment for next fall as early as October, but MPS is. They have moved the January enrollment period to Oct. 11th – Nov. 24th. Parents who are interested in getting their children into the popular citywide specialty schools need to pay attention to this enrollment time, as it is

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Bridging the Divide

A project along the Milwaukee River has potential to be a great example of how inter-governmental bodies, non-profits, and developers can work together to create a green infrastructure for its citizens…

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Making Rags

by Jan Christensen In every house I’ve lived in, there is a drawer filled with neatly folded rectangles of soft cloth: torn up sheets and pillowcases, dismembered tee shirts. Often their patterns are familiar. A favorite dress or comfortable shirt has slowly faded with use, until it no longer serves its original purpose…

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